Physiotherapie Wenneker Freudenstadt

Stability = movement control =
improved coordination = pain control


There are two different muscle systems: the global system and the segmental system. The global system contains, long, large, surface muscles whose task it is to carry out movements, to steer the equilibrium and to achieve an upright body posture in spite of the effects of gravity.

The segmental system contains deep, small, short muscles which are fixed to the spinal column in close proximity to a joint, therefore locally. They are like little springs around the vertebral segments and provide active stability. They are constantly engaged in the task of supporting their area and during movement they are responsible for fine tuning and braking excessive segmental movement.

The pelvic floor muscles ( = sphincter muscles) are part of the local muscle system and hold all pelvic organs. In an indirect manner the pelvic floor muscles assist in stabilising the lower back and are thus involved in our upright posture.

Scientific research and analysis at the University of Queensland (Australia) showed that segmental stabilisation together with the global system is important for good coordination.