Well-being – Mobility – Functionality

In daily life, at work, during sport, at school and in free time you are exposed to many different stress factors.

False postures creep in. The functionality and mobility of the musculoskeletal system become restricted and even disrupted in very many different areas, depending on the individual affected. An enormous variety of complaints develop over a longer period of time or are suddenly caused, for example, by accidents, permanent excessive strain, etc.

Physiotherapie Wenneker Freudenstadt

There are proven methods for the individual treatment of all the different types of complaints.

Physiotherapie Wenneker Freudenstadt

After graduating with distinction as a qualified physiotherapist from the Academy for Physiotherapy Leffelaar in Amsterdam I have utilised over many years the most varied types of therapy and was trained and certified in especially successful methods, which are, where possible, evidence based. I have invested much time and energy in my training, in order to treat and care for you in the best possible manner.

Physiotherapie Wenneker Physiotherapie Wenneker