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A modern (not only) back therapy concept. The McKenzie Concept (also MDT = Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) was developed by the New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.

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“In the 1950s the New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie discovered that within the large group of ‘benign’ back pains there are very many patients who become permanently pain-free significantly faster through certain movements and postures than through normal standard programmes of treatment.

He gained experience and stimulated scientific research. More than 20 years later he confronted the world of medicine with his findings.

Mc Kenzie’s contention can be summarised as follows: ‘anatomical diagnoses’ of the spinal column and joints are seldom possible and of little use for treatment. It is more effective to group complaints according to the therapy that will help the affected person. MDT according to McKenzie primarily employs exercises carried out by the patient alone and reduces manual techniques to a minimum. The McKenzie therapist only assists with certain manual actions to intensify the programme of exercises for a particular set of symptoms in cases in which the exercises cannot achieve the effect alone.”

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